Allina Health Midwives formerly North Metro Midwives, P.A.
Allina Health Midwives formerly North Metro Midwives, P.A.

Birth Experience with the Midwives

Each labor and birth suite is private with a bathroom. The rooms are large enough to allow you to move, dance and have freedom of movement. We encourage you to eat, drink and wear you own clothing. We also have a birthing tub, birthing ball and birthing stool for you to use in addition to other items to make your birth experience more unique. You can have whomever you would like with you to support your labor and birth. We work with doulas, chiropractors and acupuncturists in labor.
Our rooms also have IPOD docking stations, birthing balls of all sizes and shapes, and large flat screen TVs
North Metro Midwives clinic and staff are strong supporters of water birth and water labor. This is the tub we use. Mothers report it to be more comfortable than the hard-sided tubs. It has a cushioned floor that allows for comfort and freedom of movement. The tub is large enough to allow you partner to join you if you would like. Most women like to wear a suit top while in the birthing tub. It is important to stay hydrated and nourished in labor, especially in the water.
Most women choose our clinic due for our support and belief of natural, unmedicated birth. Through our education, empowerment and support, women are able to have an amazing birth experience, as their body intended. If a woman chooses to have a medicated birth, the midwife will also support and advocate for them throughout their labor and birth. This is a picture of the birthing stool we use. It is a great tool to use when pushing.
During your postpartum stay, the midwife will visit with you each day to aid in your transition to motherhood. We will brew you a cup of Nursing Time Tea (an organic tea to aid in breast feeding). We will talk about nutrition, hydration, exercise, breast feeding, and care for your body and your baby. We will answer any questions you or your family might have. We also work closely with your pediatric provider to ensure a successful recovery for your family. We will schedule an appointment to see you in the clinic at four weeks postpartum. We enjoy seeing the babies too and will weigh your baby and provide teaching about your baby's growth and development.
All of the postpartum rooms are private with a private bathroom. There is ample room for family to visit or stay the night. There is room service for our hungry moms from 630 till 630. Families can also order for a charge. The Global Market is next to the Allina Campus and you can walk there via the skyway. It is also a great walk during early labor, even at 2am! The rooms also have tubs to soak after birth and to give your baby its first bath.
Artist rendering of the building. The Mother Baby Center. Opened on 2/4/13.
Enter in to the driveway off of 26th Street (one way going west). The parking lot is located to the right and you can drop Mom off at the front door just to the right. When you park your car, park on level D.
Front door to the Mother Baby Center
Welcome Desk, staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just steps to the elevator. Wheelchairs are available if you would like. However, walking opens the pelvis helping the baby find their way!

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